Evening Thought

Tonight lets discuss a certain topic. I want everyone to think of when the last time was that they had some self reflection time… Was it today? was it yesterday? Last week? Last month? Personally, for me, if your answer isn’t within the last week or two weeks, you’re slacking in my book. I don’t believe you can excel and thrive with your goals and life without any sort of self reflection. You can always ask what other people think of what you’re doing, but what about the person doing it all? You?! Take some time this week to realize where you have been, where you are, and where you want to go. A little bit of reflection can go along ways. You may find that you’re on your chosen path to success and happiness, and you also might find you’ve slipped off of that path a bit. Maybe even on a completely new path. Both of which aren’t what you want, if you know what you want. Reflect on your life this week, and ask your yourself these questions. Have the things I’ve done in the last couple months or so really helped me get to where I want to go? Have I put my all into the things I love? Do I go about life with a positive attitude that will allow me to stay motivated and upbeat? Answer these, and COMMENT on this post! Have some savvy wit your life.




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