Just a Thought

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As I was doing my morning workout on the local stadium stairs and track, I thought of something. Why is it that fast food places are backed up every single morning afternoon and night? Why isn’t our local gyms backed up, or the tracks and stairs backed up? What got me thinking about this was every time I go to the track, I usually see a couple of the same people, and I see all different ages doing different things. This morning there was a young lady, a man in his late twenties, and three others who were around the 50-60 age. And it was awesome to see. These people got up and out and wanted to DO something for some reason. It was hard for me to get up and out this morning and I am working towards my ultimate goal everyday. Who knows what they were doing it for, to reach a goal, to get into better shape or simply just get outside and sweat. Whatever the case, they were out there and inspired me! So back to my point. It’s sad that the simple things that can make us better off and help us out aren’t popular, and fast food joints are so popular you must have them at every other block. And they all have drive thru’s as well! Because people are just so on the go that they can’t park and go inside. It’s sad. I’m not saying that I don’t know why these places are packed all the time, I get it, people have busy lives. But stop and think about it. Wake up 15 minutes earlier and make your own eggs and have a glass of water. It’s not that hard.

This post isn’t meant to tell you what to do, and tell you what you do is wrong. It is meant for you to think about it. It’s weird.



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