Laugh it Up!

Going through life with serious goals with a serious motivation is awesome and I applaud anyone who does this. But, it’s always beneficial to able to laugh. Laugh at yourself, laugh at/with someone else, laugh when your happy and laugh for no reason at all! I personally don’t fully believe in the quote “don’t take life too seriously,” because life is a unique opportunity to do anything you want! But I do believe in the fact that you shouldn’t live without humor and fun, because these are the things that will keep you sane in this world. Have some fun, laugh out loud! Laugh until your stomach actually hurts and nothings funny about it! Have serious goals and take your life somewhat seriously, but know how to laugh and have a good time on this journey. COMMENT with something funny!



Video shared from YouTube.






2 responses to “Laugh it Up!

  1. I imagine the people in this advert were asked if they would be in it for free and their responses were “Bwahahahahahaha!” – the camera man took advantage of their mirth and ran on to film the next victim! Seriously though, I agree, humour helps so many people in so many situations, it unites us all and makes us feel better about ourselves. Humour motivates me to make other people happy – never a truer or more noble goal could have been created from such a universal concept – humour and fun for the win!

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