Grasp Your Confidence

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t – you are right.”  -Henry Ford


Think about the following questions. Why doesn’t everyone believe in themselves fully? Why is it so common for people to shy away from what they truly want and believe because they don’t have this magic sense of “confidence?” Well here is my answer. Read the quote above again…


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Taking what Henry Ford says, we can assume that the people who think they “can’t” (can’t is the worst word in the english language, by the way) do something, don’t necessarily have little confidence, but they lack in the courageous portion of life. Why aren’t they courageous? Who knows, being courageous is something less common than just having self-confidence. But, here’s the kicker, being courageous and having confidence go hand in hand. So… If the same person who thinks they can’t do something because they aren’t courageous enough, they can focus their energy into their confidence, and they will exceed their expectations on what they can do. Well what if they have no confidence? In my opinion there is no reason to have no self-confidence. Having confidence is this meaningless word that we use to separate people from one another. I say meaningless because everyone has the confidence inside them, all of the time. How? Because every single one of us (which is now 7,055,222,832 people) is different. And just because we are different, people lose their grasp on their personal confidence. Sadly this is because of our world and society, we all have this vision of some perfect dude/dudet and what he/she looks like. This is crap. We need to open up our minds to everyone in this world. We need to be thankful that everyone is different and at least just e okay with it. And for the people who have lost a strong hold on their confidence… Get back in there and get a grip. People will look up to you for being yourself, and being something that is incredible to them. Being someone else, or being forever shy is not the way to do this. Show your confidence, live with your confidence and BELIEVE in yourself. It’s not that people don’t have confidence, it’s just that they have lost their grasp on it. Example? Here you go… When we were all little toddlers and didn’t think before doing anything (sometimes this was cute, sometimes this was worth a timeout,)  we had all of the confidence in the world. Because we didn’t think about what others were thinking, we didn’t know any better! Society hadn’t brainwashed our narrow minds yet. Open up your mind, whether you’re confident or not, and see that we are all different. But be enthralled by the fact that we are all different. Everyone has confidence, but only some choose to keep their grasp on it through the process of growing up. Being confident can open up more roads than you can imagine. You will light up rooms when you walk in. The right people will pay attention to you. You will have more fun in everything. You will be more honest and upfront. But most of all, you will find that your cheeks will be very sore. Smiling will be something you’ll do everyday.


Be confident, be true to yourself, and let people see and experience who you are. Don’t be bothered by the people who think differently about you or try to bring you down. They just aren’t going to be on your path to success. Stay on your true path and never let go. I’ll leave you with a quote from a song to think about.


“Follow your heart to the water
Fill your pockets with stone
Throw your arms around me
Never let me go” – Parkway Drive


This quote is saying how you need to put your all, your life, your mind, your soul, into the things you love. And never let them go if they are your true passions. With pockets full of stone, you will sink in to the water of your passion and risk everything. Do it. Be confident. Achieve it all.




Prioritize Your Life

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In today’s world, we have an unlimited number of distractions in the palm of our hand every single day. There are pros and cons to having the ability to interact with anyone at the touch of your finger, but without having your priorities straight and in order there won’t be any pros to talk about.

For me personally, I make sure I always know what my priorities in life are every day, and make sure I stick to those whenever I’m faced with a decision. Let’s say one of my main priorities is to wake up every morning and be able to give 100% effort into my workouts, so I can unlock power and quickness in my talents. If I stay up late with friends every night, or eat bad foods throughout the day, I won’t be able to give 100% of my effort at the next workout. This doesn’t mean I’m just going to hide in a corner and never hang out with anybody, this just means that I know my priorities and won’t always go out the night before an important workout. Lets say one of your main priorities is to have dinner on the table every night for your family… Whether you’re cooking it, buying take out or eating left-overs, it’s important to separate your priorities from the less important things in your life. Maybe you forgot to clean out your car one day, but your still haven’t made dinner… Make dinner first and then worry about the car last.

It’s important to remember that when you put things off more and more (cleaning out your car,) that you make it a higher priority down the line. If you always put it off and never have time to do it, you’ll never get it done. You need to be aware of your priorities and know which ones will help you get to where you want to be at the moment, and which ones can wait. But these things don’t just come out of thin air. Sit down and think about where you want to go and figure out your priorities. When something new comes up, you can compare it to your current priorities and easily figure out which one is more beneficial to your personal growth.

Don’t be afraid to order that salad when you’re out with your friends.

Hug your friends longer instead of picking up that call.

Study a week before that big test instead of going out and partying.

Do something that will make someone smile instead of arguing.

Remember though, with all of this, don’t make it a religion. Life is about experiencing certain things and making mistakes. You need to make those mistakes to grow. But you are the ship captain of your life, and you can at least put your self on the right stretch of water so when you make those mistakes, you’re already on the right path. Go have fun, live life, and know what you want. Prioritize your life, and make the necessary changes to better yourself.


Thank You.

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Every year we have “Veterans Day,” an every year I still believe veterans are still under appreciated. All of these amazing people either chose to be in the military, or were drafted into it, but there’s one common thing here… They served our country and protected our freedom. Putting our political beliefs aside, putting any negative thoughts you may have about what we do in our military, we need to come together at least one day. Today is the day we honor those who served or are still serving today. They are the reason we can wake up every single morning and smile because we can do what we want to reach our goals. They are the reason we can believe in what ever it is we choose to believe in. They are the reason that we are a free people. Heck, they’re the reason you’re reading this post right now (if you live in the United States.) Be thankful, no matter what you think about anything, be grateful.

I want to discuss gratitude. Having gratitude on a day like this should be automatic, and should be shown all day. But having it inside your heart, and showing it on a daily basis is also important in life. People do things for you everyday and sometimes we don’t even thank them. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people don’t say “thank you.” It’s the ugliest thing you can do in my book. Show gratitude and tell people thank you, even for the smallest things, it will put a smile on their face and let them know you appreciated what they did for you. No body owes you anything in life. I don’t care what you think you deserve, no body should be given anything. So say thank you, and be a decent person with some life savvy. But, there is and exception to that.

Veterans deserve AT LEAST one thank for you from every single person living within our borders. A hug from everyone who has ever believed something the chose to believe. A handshake from those who have ever pursued their dreams. The unconditional love and support from every one of us living in this great nation. They gave their lives to protect us. I can’t describe how thankful I am. And lastly. Thank you to the families of the soldiers, and the fallen heroes. Your strength and your support to help get our soldiers through their service is unthinkably difficult. But you did/do it. Thank you.

Be thankful. Not only today, but in life. Thank a veteran today. And thank your parents tomorrow. Thank your friend for helping you out last week. Take all that we are given, and let’s go do something! Be somebody!

Final Note: Thank you veterans. I cannot say it enough. Your ability to put your life on the line for us back home is the greatest thing anyone could do. And you did it without complaint. Thank you again. And to the fallen, and their families. May you rest in peace, and may your families’ hearts be filled the with happiness and gratitude of everyone supporting you on this day. Thank you.


Trick Your Mind!

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This morning I had to do a stationary bike workout, and I honestly wasn’t that excited to do it at first. But the day before I kept telling myself “I’m so excited and ready to do the bike workout!!” I was thinking about how I would feel after the workout, not so much physically because that wouldn’t be very positive, but mentally I was going to feel awesome and satisfied. So, short story even shorter, I woke up with excitement and did more than what I was going to do originally with the workout. And I was enthusiastic about it the whole time.

Kinda funny huh? It seems weird to think you can just keep telling yourself something and then your mind will believe it. But it really works! The best part is that your body listens to your mind, and if you’re ready and motivated up-top, your body will follow. You can apply this with anything in life! Whether it’s something that’s big or small, easy or hard, you can trick your mind into thinking you’re excited and ready for it. Let’s say you want to something as simple as waking up earlier and getting your day started. You can tell your self, and tell other people, that you just love getting up early and not wasting your day sleeping! And when you’re doing this, think of anything sort of positives about the task or goal. For instance… You love to listen to the birds sing, you love making a good healthy hearty breakfast, you like sitting down and reading the paper… Anything! You can easily trick your mind into actually believing that you like these things, and sometimes you can actually grow to like what you think you don’t. Your mind is a powerful thing, and can help you be accountable without you even knowing. If you really like something, you end up thinking about it a lot. So if you tell yourself you like something, and truly allow your mind to work with the idea, you will be able to do the things you want because your mind believes in it. Of course, this won’t work if you’re not 100% committed to the idea and you really want/need the desired outcome. Believing in yourself, believing in your thoughts and believing in your actions all help to acquire any goal. Whether it’s taking out the trash, flossing your teeth, or going above and beyond at work, it can only be done by believing you can. Trick your mind in the short-term, and the long-term will take care of itself. Get on the right path!

I love making dinner!

I love taking the stairs instead of the elevator!

I love setting goals!

I love exercising!

I love writing “Thank You” cards!

I love drinking water!

Whatever it is. Think it. Say it. Believe it. Do it.


Do it for someone other than yourself.

I have so many people I wake up and think of every single day. Opening my eyes on any given morning, I could tell you at least 5 people who I am living and breathing for that day. People who I either look up to, want to set an example for, or dear friends that I know will follow my strong lead with life.

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The title of this piece is “Do it for someone other than yourself.” I don’t mean forever and always, because I believe your life is yours and YOU get out of it what YOU put into it. Simple as that. But I also believe everyone has days of doubt and days that we wake up with less motivation than the day before. When these days come (they can happen a lot for some people) it’s important that you have someone or I guess something to live for. Either it’s your parents, a god, a group of people, a coach, a teacher, a close friend, a friend that you aren’t so close with … I could go on for days. Whatever it is, I believe it’s so vital to have it in your heart and mind. It not only keeps you accountable, but humble as well. It’s good to think about yourself and live for yourself at times, but it’s the other people in your life that you love that allow you to grow, prosper and succeed. For instance, if one of your outside inspirations is a person in your life (or that you know of) going through struggle and they aren’t able to do something that you can, it can be an amazing fuel to your life’s fire. You will be able to do whatever it is that was taken away from them, and do it with much more enthusiasm and motivation than you would if you didn’t think about them. Never take what you have for granted and figure out what you want in this life.

There are some people in your life that you want to make proud, lead down the right path or even follow in their steps, and it’s important to embrace them not only into your heart but your mind and soul. Your mind is the only thing that can limit you from accomplishing your goals. When a negative thought or a bad day comes around, replace that thought or dedicate that day to a person you live for. Keep going. Keep pushing. Reach your dreams. Live for something greater than yourself.

stay savvy


Having Discipline

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You always hear of the people who are “all talk and no action” right? Other people like to comment about how much they talk and how little they act upon it, and haven’t accomplished much. And some how the solution isn’t to stop talking, but it’s to show everyone that you can complete something and do what you talk about. I have so much trouble with this… Why is it that our society has lost the value of hard-nosed and hard-working people? The human beings that are no talk all action. Why do we all look up to at least one person who has this so-called “swag?” We have become a lazy people, this is what I think.

I’m going to make this simple. It’s totally fine to have confidence and show confidence every single day. NOTHING wrong with that. But having swag and acting like you’ve made it when you haven’t even started is bogus. Having discipline is such a big part of achieving any goal, you have to stay on top of things and step-by-step complete them. I believe self-discipline is the best form. The most beneficial way to focus and have self-discipline is to have a “no talk, all action” way of life. Try not to go out of your way to tell someone something they didn’t ask about. Don’t embellish things or stretch the truth. Keep it all in and be real with yourself. Hold yourself accountable for the things you do everyday and the things you want to be doing in the future. The only person who can truly stand in your way is yourself. Get out of your own way. Get behind yourself and push your way down the path you’re supposed to be on. If your goal is to workout more and get into better shape, don’t sit around talking about it. Look in the mirror when you wake up, nod your head and just do it. Get after it. everyday you are your own leader. Never be a follower. Have some self-discipline and achieve your dreams. People rarely just walk aimlessly into success. Sure there are some people who are better off and just have more. But the majority of people who are successful got there with a strong drive and determination. You can have both of these things and still not be successful if you don’t have self-discipline. Make sure you can look yourself in the mirror everyday and know when you’re looking into your own eyes, that person is giving it their all in everything they want. You are going to be successful. You are successful!

Hold yourself accountable. Don’t rely on others to. Don’t get me wrong, everyone needs others to fall back on, but you need to focus on yourself first. Show yourself you can do the things you want and have discipline before you show others. Have some savvy in life!


Dealing with Failure

Being a baseball player means that I need to be able to deal with failure. A lot. If you fail 7 out of ten times throughout your entire career, you will be on a hall of fame ballot. That’s probably the weirdest thing about baseball, but this isn’t my main focus for tonight. Dealing with failure when you’re striving to reach your goals or even just small simple failures through life is one of the most important keys to life in my opinion.


Rarely will you ever go through an experience where everything happens seamlessly and there are no setbacks. It’s very nice to go through these times, but its vital that you don’t expect everything to be that easy. Some of us never get those easier experiences. We all will encounter failure in life, so lets discuss how to deal with it. Don’t let failure get into your head and take over your thoughts. Failure can be a terrible disease that can bog you down and can hold you back from life with a firm grasp. The best advice I can give anyone about failure is to learn to embrace it. Embrace the whole failed experience and look at it in a positive way. In baseball we will take a sub-par game and see that there is room for improvement, as opposed to looking at it and telling yourself “I suck” or “I can’t do this.” Negative experience create an environment where negative thoughts flourish easier. Don’t let it happen/ Create negative things in to positive things whenever you have the chance! Always try to be optimistic no matter what the situation is, even if there really isn’t anything you can do besides get angry or sad. Try to make your mind believe that it’s not that bad. This will allow your mind to focus on recovering and improving the failed event instead of focussing on the failed event. Your mind is a powerful tool with anything, and if you use it poorly, you won’t be able to reach your highest levels of achievement. It is key to focus your mind away from failure as a negative, focus on the failure, but allow it to be spun around into a positive experience.


Not being able to  deal with failure in life can be detrimental to your drive and motivation. If you have a passion for something, even in the toughest of times, that passion will be ready to be put into action. When you’re down, focus your mind away from the negatives so you can get back up and smile. Smile because there is a positive that will come out of the failure that you’ve gone through. Never give up, people. Keep your motivation and feed your mind, body and soul with healthy positive things everyday. Let’s achieve our dreams.


stay savvy