I am laying in my bed after closing both my bathroom and closet doors because something in my head is still afraid of what could be waiting in the dark rooms. Fear makes me do it. Fear of something I created in my head. And this got me thinking…


When we fear something in our lives, whether it’s speaking in front of a group, making a decision, afraid of that shark that’s going to get you in the water, or the ghost in my closet… Whatever it is in our lives that we fear, all comes from our head. Sure there might be some reasonable facts or past experiences that can instil this fear in our minds, but it’s still our minds that ultimately creates it. When someone is afraid of going up on stage speaking to a crowd, all they see in their head is them screwing up their speech, stuttering and slurring words, sweating and just being awkward. When you create images in your head, your body now knows how to react to that certain situation you thought of. So more than likely when that person goes up on stage to give their speech, their visions will become a reality. Not good.


Instead of embracing fear, try to look beyond it. Pay no attention to it. Think about how it would feel to go up on stage and give the best speech anyone has seen. Imagine the confidence you can have. Imagine anything positive that can happen. Let your mind wander with positive energy and envision a confident you. Like for me… I need to walk into the dark room and smile because there is nothing in there but my 5-year-old mind. Fear can hold us back from anything it wants to. Maybe tomorrow try something that you are afraid to do, big or small, and just do it with confidence. Don’t be your own limiter. Allow success to come to you!


Now let’s hope these monsters  don’t get me..



Laugh it Up!

Going through life with serious goals with a serious motivation is awesome and I applaud anyone who does this. But, it’s always beneficial to able to laugh. Laugh at yourself, laugh at/with someone else, laugh when your happy and laugh for no reason at all! I personally don’t fully believe in the quote “don’t take life too seriously,” because life is a unique opportunity to do anything you want! But I do believe in the fact that you shouldn’t live without humor and fun, because these are the things that will keep you sane in this world. Have some fun, laugh out loud! Laugh until your stomach actually hurts and nothings funny about it! Have serious goals and take your life somewhat seriously, but know how to laugh and have a good time on this journey. COMMENT with something funny!



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Just a Thought

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As I was doing my morning workout on the local stadium stairs and track, I thought of something. Why is it that fast food places are backed up every single morning afternoon and night? Why isn’t our local gyms backed up, or the tracks and stairs backed up? What got me thinking about this was every time I go to the track, I usually see a couple of the same people, and I see all different ages doing different things. This morning there was a young lady, a man in his late twenties, and three others who were around the 50-60 age. And it was awesome to see. These people got up and out and wanted to DO something for some reason. It was hard for me to get up and out this morning and I am working towards my ultimate goal everyday. Who knows what they were doing it for, to reach a goal, to get into better shape or simply just get outside and sweat. Whatever the case, they were out there and inspired me! So back to my point. It’s sad that the simple things that can make us better off and help us out aren’t popular, and fast food joints are so popular you must have them at every other block. And they all have drive thru’s as well! Because people are just so on the go that they can’t park and go inside. It’s sad. I’m not saying that I don’t know why these places are packed all the time, I get it, people have busy lives. But stop and think about it. Wake up 15 minutes earlier and make your own eggs and have a glass of water. It’s not that hard.

This post isn’t meant to tell you what to do, and tell you what you do is wrong. It is meant for you to think about it. It’s weird.


Evening Thought

Quote of the night,


“The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.”

– Plutarch


Take a moment and think about this quote. Your mind isn’t made to be filled with meaningless bits of nonsense… It is tailored to your personality and is waiting to burst into flame with knowledge and passion. Feed your mind. Give it what it needs, get the sludge out. LIVE WITH PASSION!



Dress to impress?

I just got back from an appointment at Nordstrom in Seattle… Getting fitted for a suit and things like that. The suit itself is a gift, (thank you mom and dad) which is the only way I would be getting anything this nice prior to today. But during the experience and thinking about what having crisp appearance can do for you, I instantly changed my mindset.


Do I believe that you should dress to impress? Absolutely. But this doesn’t mean I will always act on this belief. Honestly, I rarely take the time to get dressed up unless it’s for someone important. I will dress better as I keep growing up, and here’s why. Like the assistant at Nordstrom said to me today, “What you wear shows a lot about where you’re going.” The way he meant it was like if I were to wear some nike frees and a tee shirt, I would look as if I were going to workout… But I took it a very different way. Look at the big picture here! When you see a person walking down the street with their pants around their thighs, shirt 5 sizes to big and big ugly colorful shoes, what do you think? When you see a person in a business suit and tie walking down the street, what do you think? In my mind, if you see someone who has taken the time to dress nice and make their appearance likable, you can assume they are on a route to their own future. They know what they want. You could say “I’m sure they aren’t always dressed nice,” which is true. But, when you are taking care of your appearance more often then not, you just seem to be aware of the little things.


I’m not saying go out in a suit and tie everyday (but its would be awesome so do it if you can,) all I’m saying is the idea of how you should think about investing in your appearance because you never know who will come up to you one day and offer you your dream job or help you reach any sort of goal. If you looked put together and kind of “fashion savvy,” you also look more grow up and ready to start your path. Dress to impress? yes you should in the times where it’s obvious, but all dress to feel confident and grown up every once in a while.


stay savvy






As I lay my head down on my pillow tonight, I wonder if the future successful me will remember this night. I know that tonight I will envision myself having achieved every goal I have set and having a happy family. I believe that your dreams can come true, no matter what they are. So tonight my friends, think about what you want most. Why you want it? How you will get there? And most of all, how it will feel to be living that dream. Feel every emotion that pours into your heart when thinking about it. Have a passion and feed it.

Good night,