Steve Jobs – Inspirational Speech

(video shared from YouTube)


“If today were the last day of my life.”


This is a very powerful snippet of a speech given by a very powerful individual. My father used to tell me before every little league game, “play the game today like it’s you last, because you never know when that will come true.” I’ve tried to live by this everyday in baseball, and I think it’s important to remember for life in general. We aren’t guaranteed anything in life, not even the next five minutes. Do the things you want to do, tell people how you feel about them, don’t hide in the corner, and most of all, feed your passion. Be the person you want to be, life you days as if they are going to be your last.





Impossible is Nothing: The Story of Sam Bridgman

“Even though my legs and my body and my arms don’t work as well as I want them to, my smile still works, my laugh still works, the way I think still works. And most importantly, the things I feel in my heart still work.”




This is a short video showing a snippet of Sam Bridgman’s life, and what he goes through on a daily basis. Sam has more struggles during a single day than most of us have in a lifetime. He gets through his days with a smile and a hard-working attitude and doesn’t quit. We can all learn something from Sam. Please share this video with someone.


Live everyday with drive and motivation. Never give up. Reach your dreams.




What is savvy?

What is savvy? What does it mean to have savvy?

The online google definition is “shrewdness and practical knowledge.” Well what is shrewdness? “Intelligence manifested by being astute.” These to exact definitions help explain the text book meaning. And to me being “savvy” means to stay ahead of the curve with whatever you’re applying yourself to, by having “practical knowledge” and “being astute.” Have confidence and believe in everything you say, the more believable you are, whether you’re right or wrong, the more you will grow within your heart and soul. Be driven!

Stay Savvy


What does it take?

If you’re like me, you want to excel not only in everything you do, but in life as a whole. What does it take? This is a question I’m sure if I had the perfect answer to, I would be set for life and the world would be a perfect place. I don’t have the perfect solution necessarily, but I do have opinons and a strong driven view on life.


Currently I am in my off season from baseball. This means I am not getting paid, there’s no one looking after my every move making sure I’m doing the right things and there aren’t any expectations from anyone. With a driven and determined mindset in life, you will see that this is the perfect opportunity to get ahead of the competition.  The majority of minor league baseball players do the minimum work load in the off season. Why? I don’t know. And even in life, people are just fine with going through their days with a mediocre attitude. It disgusts me. America was built by a motivated people with a dream. They made it a reality and never gave up. I believe our society as a whole has lost that drive and attitude to always push forward with anything and everything. Granted, there are plenty of people who do not fall into this savvy-less trap. But, I would say as a majority, people just don’t want to do hard things and would much rather wait around for someone to give them what they want.


How can we stay away from the trap? It’s easy. Revolve your entire life around goals. I just saw a commercial for ITT Technical Institute last night in which a young lady said “I would define success as setting a goal and achieving that goal.” This is spot on, looking at any successful person and how they got to where they are. They didn’t just wait around waiting for things to happen in their life, they have a certain screw in their head that is tighter (or maybe it’s a loose one!) and more goal oriented than the average Joe. Having a long term goal is easy, and anyone can do it. But it takes more effort and a harder route to have short term goals along the way to reach that overall goal. It’s the countless hours and the set-in-stone routines that people get into that allow them to succeed. Hard work will always pay off. If you believe in your self and the things you do, you will grow and prosper in this life. No matter what.


So what does it take to succeed? Stay driven. Stay savvy. Live everyday as if you were that future person and do every little thing it takes to get there, until you are there. This seems pretty hard for some people, but to others, it’s an everyday thing. But always remember “successful people do what unsuccessful people don’t want to do.”


Stay Savvy!