Grasp Your Confidence

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t – you are right.”  -Henry Ford


Think about the following questions. Why doesn’t everyone believe in themselves fully? Why is it so common for people to shy away from what they truly want and believe because they don’t have this magic sense of “confidence?” Well here is my answer. Read the quote above again…


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Taking what Henry Ford says, we can assume that the people who think they “can’t” (can’t is the worst word in the english language, by the way) do something, don’t necessarily have little confidence, but they lack in the courageous portion of life. Why aren’t they courageous? Who knows, being courageous is something less common than just having self-confidence. But, here’s the kicker, being courageous and having confidence go hand in hand. So… If the same person who thinks they can’t do something because they aren’t courageous enough, they can focus their energy into their confidence, and they will exceed their expectations on what they can do. Well what if they have no confidence? In my opinion there is no reason to have no self-confidence. Having confidence is this meaningless word that we use to separate people from one another. I say meaningless because everyone has the confidence inside them, all of the time. How? Because every single one of us (which is now 7,055,222,832 people) is different. And just because we are different, people lose their grasp on their personal confidence. Sadly this is because of our world and society, we all have this vision of some perfect dude/dudet and what he/she looks like. This is crap. We need to open up our minds to everyone in this world. We need to be thankful that everyone is different and at least just e okay with it. And for the people who have lost a strong hold on their confidence… Get back in there and get a grip. People will look up to you for being yourself, and being something that is incredible to them. Being someone else, or being forever shy is not the way to do this. Show your confidence, live with your confidence and BELIEVE in yourself. It’s not that people don’t have confidence, it’s just that they have lost their grasp on it. Example? Here you go… When we were all little toddlers and didn’t think before doing anything (sometimes this was cute, sometimes this was worth a timeout,)  we had all of the confidence in the world. Because we didn’t think about what others were thinking, we didn’t know any better! Society hadn’t brainwashed our narrow minds yet. Open up your mind, whether you’re confident or not, and see that we are all different. But be enthralled by the fact that we are all different. Everyone has confidence, but only some choose to keep their grasp on it through the process of growing up. Being confident can open up more roads than you can imagine. You will light up rooms when you walk in. The right people will pay attention to you. You will have more fun in everything. You will be more honest and upfront. But most of all, you will find that your cheeks will be very sore. Smiling will be something you’ll do everyday.


Be confident, be true to yourself, and let people see and experience who you are. Don’t be bothered by the people who think differently about you or try to bring you down. They just aren’t going to be on your path to success. Stay on your true path and never let go. I’ll leave you with a quote from a song to think about.


“Follow your heart to the water
Fill your pockets with stone
Throw your arms around me
Never let me go” – Parkway Drive


This quote is saying how you need to put your all, your life, your mind, your soul, into the things you love. And never let them go if they are your true passions. With pockets full of stone, you will sink in to the water of your passion and risk everything. Do it. Be confident. Achieve it all.





Steve Jobs – Inspirational Speech

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“If today were the last day of my life.”


This is a very powerful snippet of a speech given by a very powerful individual. My father used to tell me before every little league game, “play the game today like it’s you last, because you never know when that will come true.” I’ve tried to live by this everyday in baseball, and I think it’s important to remember for life in general. We aren’t guaranteed anything in life, not even the next five minutes. Do the things you want to do, tell people how you feel about them, don’t hide in the corner, and most of all, feed your passion. Be the person you want to be, life you days as if they are going to be your last.




Do it for someone other than yourself.

I have so many people I wake up and think of every single day. Opening my eyes on any given morning, I could tell you at least 5 people who I am living and breathing for that day. People who I either look up to, want to set an example for, or dear friends that I know will follow my strong lead with life.

Sam Bridgman (see videos)

The title of this piece is “Do it for someone other than yourself.” I don’t mean forever and always, because I believe your life is yours and YOU get out of it what YOU put into it. Simple as that. But I also believe everyone has days of doubt and days that we wake up with less motivation than the day before. When these days come (they can happen a lot for some people) it’s important that you have someone or I guess something to live for. Either it’s your parents, a god, a group of people, a coach, a teacher, a close friend, a friend that you aren’t so close with … I could go on for days. Whatever it is, I believe it’s so vital to have it in your heart and mind. It not only keeps you accountable, but humble as well. It’s good to think about yourself and live for yourself at times, but it’s the other people in your life that you love that allow you to grow, prosper and succeed. For instance, if one of your outside inspirations is a person in your life (or that you know of) going through struggle and they aren’t able to do something that you can, it can be an amazing fuel to your life’s fire. You will be able to do whatever it is that was taken away from them, and do it with much more enthusiasm and motivation than you would if you didn’t think about them. Never take what you have for granted and figure out what you want in this life.

There are some people in your life that you want to make proud, lead down the right path or even follow in their steps, and it’s important to embrace them not only into your heart but your mind and soul. Your mind is the only thing that can limit you from accomplishing your goals. When a negative thought or a bad day comes around, replace that thought or dedicate that day to a person you live for. Keep going. Keep pushing. Reach your dreams. Live for something greater than yourself.

stay savvy


Evening Thought

Tonight lets discuss a certain topic. I want everyone to think of when the last time was that they had some self reflection time… Was it today? was it yesterday? Last week? Last month? Personally, for me, if your answer isn’t within the last week or two weeks, you’re slacking in my book. I don’t believe you can excel and thrive with your goals and life without any sort of self reflection. You can always ask what other people think of what you’re doing, but what about the person doing it all? You?! Take some time this week to realize where you have been, where you are, and where you want to go. A little bit of reflection can go along ways. You may find that you’re on your chosen path to success and happiness, and you also might find you’ve slipped off of that path a bit. Maybe even on a completely new path. Both of which aren’t what you want, if you know what you want. Reflect on your life this week, and ask your yourself these questions. Have the things I’ve done in the last couple months or so really helped me get to where I want to go? Have I put my all into the things I love? Do I go about life with a positive attitude that will allow me to stay motivated and upbeat? Answer these, and COMMENT on this post! Have some savvy wit your life.



Evening Thought

Remember where you came from. Remember who raised you, who you grew up with, who let you become who you are. You will not get through this life without a person to lean on and guide you through the tough times. You can do a lot on your own, but without the loving hand of a friend, you will never cross some important bridges. Love your friends. Love life.


What is savvy?

What is savvy? What does it mean to have savvy?

The online google definition is “shrewdness and practical knowledge.” Well what is shrewdness? “Intelligence manifested by being astute.” These to exact definitions help explain the text book meaning. And to me being “savvy” means to stay ahead of the curve with whatever you’re applying yourself to, by having “practical knowledge” and “being astute.” Have confidence and believe in everything you say, the more believable you are, whether you’re right or wrong, the more you will grow within your heart and soul. Be driven!

Stay Savvy