Thank You.

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Every year we have “Veterans Day,” an every year I still believe veterans are still under appreciated. All of these amazing people either chose to be in the military, or were drafted into it, but there’s one common thing here… They served our country and protected our freedom. Putting our political beliefs aside, putting any negative thoughts you may have about what we do in our military, we need to come together at least one day. Today is the day we honor those who served or are still serving today. They are the reason we can wake up every single morning and smile because we can do what we want to reach our goals. They are the reason we can believe in what ever it is we choose to believe in. They are the reason that we are a free people. Heck, they’re the reason you’re reading this post right now (if you live in the United States.) Be thankful, no matter what you think about anything, be grateful.

I want to discuss gratitude. Having gratitude on a day like this should be automatic, and should be shown all day. But having it inside your heart, and showing it on a daily basis is also important in life. People do things for you everyday and sometimes we don’t even thank them. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people don’t say “thank you.” It’s the ugliest thing you can do in my book. Show gratitude and tell people thank you, even for the smallest things, it will put a smile on their face and let them know you appreciated what they did for you. No body owes you anything in life. I don’t care what you think you deserve, no body should be given anything. So say thank you, and be a decent person with some life savvy. But, there is and exception to that.

Veterans deserve AT LEAST one thank for you from every single person living within our borders. A hug from everyone who has ever believed something the chose to believe. A handshake from those who have ever pursued their dreams. The unconditional love and support from every one of us living in this great nation. They gave their lives to protect us. I can’t describe how thankful I am. And lastly. Thank you to the families of the soldiers, and the fallen heroes. Your strength and your support to help get our soldiers through their service is unthinkably difficult. But you did/do it. Thank you.

Be thankful. Not only today, but in life. Thank a veteran today. And thank your parents tomorrow. Thank your friend for helping you out last week. Take all that we are given, and let’s go do something! Be somebody!

Final Note: Thank you veterans. I cannot say it enough. Your ability to put your life on the line for us back home is the greatest thing anyone could do. And you did it without complaint. Thank you again. And to the fallen, and their families. May you rest in peace, and may your families’ hearts be filled the with happiness and gratitude of everyone supporting you on this day. Thank you.