Trick Your Mind!

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This morning I had to do a stationary bike workout, and I honestly wasn’t that excited to do it at first. But the day before I kept telling myself “I’m so excited and ready to do the bike workout!!” I was thinking about how I would feel after the workout, not so much physically because that wouldn’t be very positive, but mentally I was going to feel awesome and satisfied. So, short story even shorter, I woke up with excitement and did more than what I was going to do originally with the workout. And I was enthusiastic about it the whole time.

Kinda funny huh? It seems weird to think you can just keep telling yourself something and then your mind will believe it. But it really works! The best part is that your body listens to your mind, and if you’re ready and motivated up-top, your body will follow. You can apply this with anything in life! Whether it’s something that’s big or small, easy or hard, you can trick your mind into thinking you’re excited and ready for it. Let’s say you want to something as simple as waking up earlier and getting your day started. You can tell your self, and tell other people, that you just love getting up early and not wasting your day sleeping! And when you’re doing this, think of anything sort of positives about the task or goal. For instance… You love to listen to the birds sing, you love making a good healthy hearty breakfast, you like sitting down and reading the paper… Anything! You can easily trick your mind into actually believing that you like these things, and sometimes you can actually grow to like what you think you don’t. Your mind is a powerful thing, and can help you be accountable without you even knowing. If you really like something, you end up thinking about it a lot. So if you tell yourself you like something, and truly allow your mind to work with the idea, you will be able to do the things you want because your mind believes in it. Of course, this won’t work if you’re not 100% committed to the idea and you really want/need the desired outcome. Believing in yourself, believing in your thoughts and believing in your actions all help to acquire any goal. Whether it’s taking out the trash, flossing your teeth, or going above and beyond at work, it can only be done by believing you can. Trick your mind in the short-term, and the long-term will take care of itself. Get on the right path!

I love making dinner!

I love taking the stairs instead of the elevator!

I love setting goals!

I love exercising!

I love writing “Thank You” cards!

I love drinking water!

Whatever it is. Think it. Say it. Believe it. Do it.



Keep it simple

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Have you ever had days that seem to just drag on and you feel like you’re just running in circles? Well I don’t have a secret formula to stop those days, those days will always happen and in the end will make you stronger. But with that aside, I would like to share something that can help make a very productive day, a normal day for you.

Think about what you do when you wake up. What are some of the first things you do? Do you have any daily struggles early in your day? Do you wander around your living space back and forth doings things that you forgot about? Do you skip some basic things that you need, and have some lame excuse? Thinking about the questions for me, I find a couple of main things that stick out. When I wake up on an average day during the off-season, I wake up around 8 o’clock after hitting the snooze button for 45 minutes. I’m not sure why I snooze it so much, call it lazy or call it just plain weird, but I believe it helps me wake up better. Shortly after this, I get up and throw on some workout clothes and head upstairs. A lot of times I go grab a protein bar, or something just to fuel my body for waking up, but there are sometimes I skip breakfast just because I get lazy. First struggle for me. Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day, you need some sort of fuel to get your body rolling and waking up with your foggy brain. To cure my foggy brain, I have a cup of coffee every morning. I haven’t decided if it’s good or bad for me yet, but I like it and it works for me. Shortly after coffee time, I jump into my car and go workout. Simple morning? I would say so. But my life during the off-season I’m sure isn’t the most generic. I’ve constructed this routine for myself over the last year because I know what I want and what I need. I know what it takes for me to wake up fully and what needs to be done for me to be ready for my day.

Life is about knowing yourself and what you want. If you have trouble knowing what you want in life, or just what you want to eat for lunch… You really have to take some time and think about it. Listen to that voice in your head and let it guide you. How does this apply to keeping things simple? If you try to make your life more simple without knowing who you are, what you’re about or where you want to go, then you won’t know where to start with the simplicity. Take some time today to get to know yourself better. Understand what makes you tick. Allow your self to create a vision of your future. When you do this, you can make your days more simple by doing all of the little things you need to do and cutting out the time-wasting non sense that slows your days down. Stay on your course.

Having more simple days, can lead to have a more driven life. When things are simple, you can have a clear mind and soul to think about the things that really matter. Cut out something today that you don’t need to do. Help yourself succeed, it’s all in your hands if you want to put in the effort to grasp it.

stay savvy