Steve Jobs – Inspirational Speech

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“If today were the last day of my life.”


This is a very powerful snippet of a speech given by a very powerful individual. My father used to tell me before every little league game, “play the game today like it’s you last, because you never know when that will come true.” I’ve tried to live by this everyday in baseball, and I think it’s important to remember for life in general. We aren’t guaranteed anything in life, not even the next five minutes. Do the things you want to do, tell people how you feel about them, don’t hide in the corner, and most of all, feed your passion. Be the person you want to be, life you days as if they are going to be your last.





Reward Yourself

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It’s important to remember that rewarding yourself is an essential part in your part to success. Don’t be a drill sergeant to yourself everyday, take sometime and give yourself something that makes you happy, because you’ve worked so hard! This morning I had to do my track workout, I wanted to reward myself after. When you have a reward to look forward to, you can get through things easier and with a better attitude, which is key. The reward I was going to give to myself was a nice hot tub relaxation time afterwards. Knowing this During my morning workout made it easier to focus, because I knew that my post-workout activity would make it all worth it.


Obviously, there are ultimate rewards when you’re reaching a goal, like the main goal(s) and short-term goals along the way. But, it’s good to allow yourself to have small rewards on the road to success. Whether it’s a piece of chocolate after a good week of healthy eating, a new pair of jeans because you’ve been doing great at workout lately, a nice nap after a hard week of working your butt off or a hot tub session… Anything that’s small and makes you happy will help you achieve your greatest dreams!


Do it today! create a small goal for yourself, and have a small reward WHEN (not “if”) you get it done. You’ll see how easy it is to complete the goal! GO!



Dealing with Failure

Being a baseball player means that I need to be able to deal with failure. A lot. If you fail 7 out of ten times throughout your entire career, you will be on a hall of fame ballot. That’s probably the weirdest thing about baseball, but this isn’t my main focus for tonight. Dealing with failure when you’re striving to reach your goals or even just small simple failures through life is one of the most important keys to life in my opinion.


Rarely will you ever go through an experience where everything happens seamlessly and there are no setbacks. It’s very nice to go through these times, but its vital that you don’t expect everything to be that easy. Some of us never get those easier experiences. We all will encounter failure in life, so lets discuss how to deal with it. Don’t let failure get into your head and take over your thoughts. Failure can be a terrible disease that can bog you down and can hold you back from life with a firm grasp. The best advice I can give anyone about failure is to learn to embrace it. Embrace the whole failed experience and look at it in a positive way. In baseball we will take a sub-par game and see that there is room for improvement, as opposed to looking at it and telling yourself “I suck” or “I can’t do this.” Negative experience create an environment where negative thoughts flourish easier. Don’t let it happen/ Create negative things in to positive things whenever you have the chance! Always try to be optimistic no matter what the situation is, even if there really isn’t anything you can do besides get angry or sad. Try to make your mind believe that it’s not that bad. This will allow your mind to focus on recovering and improving the failed event instead of focussing on the failed event. Your mind is a powerful tool with anything, and if you use it poorly, you won’t be able to reach your highest levels of achievement. It is key to focus your mind away from failure as a negative, focus on the failure, but allow it to be spun around into a positive experience.


Not being able to  deal with failure in life can be detrimental to your drive and motivation. If you have a passion for something, even in the toughest of times, that passion will be ready to be put into action. When you’re down, focus your mind away from the negatives so you can get back up and smile. Smile because there is a positive that will come out of the failure that you’ve gone through. Never give up, people. Keep your motivation and feed your mind, body and soul with healthy positive things everyday. Let’s achieve our dreams.


stay savvy