I am laying in my bed after closing both my bathroom and closet doors because something in my head is still afraid of what could be waiting in the dark rooms. Fear makes me do it. Fear of something I created in my head. And this got me thinking…


When we fear something in our lives, whether it’s speaking in front of a group, making a decision, afraid of that shark that’s going to get you in the water, or the ghost in my closet… Whatever it is in our lives that we fear, all comes from our head. Sure there might be some reasonable facts or past experiences that can instil this fear in our minds, but it’s still our minds that ultimately creates it. When someone is afraid of going up on stage speaking to a crowd, all they see in their head is them screwing up their speech, stuttering and slurring words, sweating and just being awkward. When you create images in your head, your body now knows how to react to that certain situation you thought of. So more than likely when that person goes up on stage to give their speech, their visions will become a reality. Not good.


Instead of embracing fear, try to look beyond it. Pay no attention to it. Think about how it would feel to go up on stage and give the best speech anyone has seen. Imagine the confidence you can have. Imagine anything positive that can happen. Let your mind wander with positive energy and envision a confident you. Like for me… I need to walk into the dark room and smile because there is nothing in there but my 5-year-old mind. Fear can hold us back from anything it wants to. Maybe tomorrow try something that you are afraid to do, big or small, and just do it with confidence. Don’t be your own limiter. Allow success to come to you!


Now let’s hope these monsters  don’t get me..



Hello all

Hey guys! I am really excited to start this blog journey with you and would like to take a minute to discuss why I am doing this. I’ve been pondering some internet based ideas that could eventually be money makers and things that the social media world needs and would thrive on. And with my ideas, I figured I would need to get into this blogging world to experience it and get to know the ins and outs of everything in this innovative world! I am a very goal driven person and want to base my blogs as much as I can with that in mind. Staying savvy with life and being driven to do things are key essentials in my life, and I believe a lot of other people. Follow me and my wild train of thought over the next portion of my life!

… I want to give an insightful look into the blogging world by revolving posts and my blogging life around ambition and going forward. I believe we are a people driven by forces outside of our heads and inside out hearts. Let’s be life savvy. Here we go!