What are you waiting for?

“the next 30 days will pass, whether you like it or not.”







“3 things I learned while my plane crashed”

video shared from TED.com


Awesome video from a plane crash survivor. Listen and understand his message! So cool!

“We need to redefine leadership”

video shared from TED.com


If you’ve never explored around on TED.com and looked through the abundance of amazing videos they have, please do it today. This is one is a short video that has a lot of meaning! Why is it that people view leadership as “changing the world?” As Drew tells his story, we understand that leadership isn’t always that big of a thing. It’s about being confident, courageous, honest and true to yourself. Being a leader can be as simple as being a person that one other person looks up to. Watch this video and go to the website… Lots to watch!