Do it for someone other than yourself.

I have so many people I wake up and think of every single day. Opening my eyes on any given morning, I could tell you at least 5 people who I am living and breathing for that day. People who I either look up to, want to set an example for, or dear friends that I know will follow my strong lead with life.

Sam Bridgman (see videos)

The title of this piece is “Do it for someone other than yourself.” I don’t mean forever and always, because I believe your life is yours and YOU get out of it what YOU put into it. Simple as that. But I also believe everyone has days of doubt and days that we wake up with less motivation than the day before. When these days come (they can happen a lot for some people) it’s important that you have someone or I guess something to live for. Either it’s your parents, a god, a group of people, a coach, a teacher, a close friend, a friend that you aren’t so close with … I could go on for days. Whatever it is, I believe it’s so vital to have it in your heart and mind. It not only keeps you accountable, but humble as well. It’s good to think about yourself and live for yourself at times, but it’s the other people in your life that you love that allow you to grow, prosper and succeed. For instance, if one of your outside inspirations is a person in your life (or that you know of) going through struggle and they aren’t able to do something that you can, it can be an amazing fuel to your life’s fire. You will be able to do whatever it is that was taken away from them, and do it with much more enthusiasm and motivation than you would if you didn’t think about them. Never take what you have for granted and figure out what you want in this life.

There are some people in your life that you want to make proud, lead down the right path or even follow in their steps, and it’s important to embrace them not only into your heart but your mind and soul. Your mind is the only thing that can limit you from accomplishing your goals. When a negative thought or a bad day comes around, replace that thought or dedicate that day to a person you live for. Keep going. Keep pushing. Reach your dreams. Live for something greater than yourself.

stay savvy



Evening Thought

Tonight lets discuss a certain topic. I want everyone to think of when the last time was that they had some self reflection time… Was it today? was it yesterday? Last week? Last month? Personally, for me, if your answer isn’t within the last week or two weeks, you’re slacking in my book. I don’t believe you can excel and thrive with your goals and life without any sort of self reflection. You can always ask what other people think of what you’re doing, but what about the person doing it all? You?! Take some time this week to realize where you have been, where you are, and where you want to go. A little bit of reflection can go along ways. You may find that you’re on your chosen path to success and happiness, and you also might find you’ve slipped off of that path a bit. Maybe even on a completely new path. Both of which aren’t what you want, if you know what you want. Reflect on your life this week, and ask your yourself these questions. Have the things I’ve done in the last couple months or so really helped me get to where I want to go? Have I put my all into the things I love? Do I go about life with a positive attitude that will allow me to stay motivated and upbeat? Answer these, and COMMENT on this post! Have some savvy wit your life.



Impossible is Nothing: The Story of Sam Bridgman

“Even though my legs and my body and my arms don’t work as well as I want them to, my smile still works, my laugh still works, the way I think still works. And most importantly, the things I feel in my heart still work.”




This is a short video showing a snippet of Sam Bridgman’s life, and what he goes through on a daily basis. Sam has more struggles during a single day than most of us have in a lifetime. He gets through his days with a smile and a hard-working attitude and doesn’t quit. We can all learn something from Sam. Please share this video with someone.


Live everyday with drive and motivation. Never give up. Reach your dreams.




Evening Thought – 10/25

I just finished watching the movie “The Lorax” in 3D, which was pretty awesome actually! There was one main thing I took away from the movie.



The kid in the movie, Ted, had a goal to get a tree for a girl that really liked.Throughout the movie he did anything and everything it took to reach his goal. He didn’t let people stop him, he didn’t whine that things were getting too hard, he didn’t shy away from the hard work and mots of all, he fed his passion. Guys, I don’t care what is you like or what is is that makes you tick. Get it done. No excuses! It’s okay to realize that it can be tough at times, and it will  probably get harder. But don’t let things cloud your vision. Have a vision, focus on your vision, and make it a reality. Nothing else matters if it’s a true passion! Attack your dreams.

good night and stay savvy