40 Questions that will dig into your heart

40 Questions that will dig into your heart

An awesome arrangement of questions that really open up your heart and let your mind explore and find things you haven’t discovered in a while. Really take some time to think about these things. Enjoy!  


Steve Jobs – Inspirational Speech

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“If today were the last day of my life.”


This is a very powerful snippet of a speech given by a very powerful individual. My father used to tell me before every little league game, “play the game today like it’s you last, because you never know when that will come true.” I’ve tried to live by this everyday in baseball, and I think it’s important to remember for life in general. We aren’t guaranteed anything in life, not even the next five minutes. Do the things you want to do, tell people how you feel about them, don’t hide in the corner, and most of all, feed your passion. Be the person you want to be, life you days as if they are going to be your last.




Prioritize Your Life

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In today’s world, we have an unlimited number of distractions in the palm of our hand every single day. There are pros and cons to having the ability to interact with anyone at the touch of your finger, but without having your priorities straight and in order there won’t be any pros to talk about.

For me personally, I make sure I always know what my priorities in life are every day, and make sure I stick to those whenever I’m faced with a decision. Let’s say one of my main priorities is to wake up every morning and be able to give 100% effort into my workouts, so I can unlock power and quickness in my talents. If I stay up late with friends every night, or eat bad foods throughout the day, I won’t be able to give 100% of my effort at the next workout. This doesn’t mean I’m just going to hide in a corner and never hang out with anybody, this just means that I know my priorities and won’t always go out the night before an important workout. Lets say one of your main priorities is to have dinner on the table every night for your family… Whether you’re cooking it, buying take out or eating left-overs, it’s important to separate your priorities from the less important things in your life. Maybe you forgot to clean out your car one day, but your still haven’t made dinner… Make dinner first and then worry about the car last.

It’s important to remember that when you put things off more and more (cleaning out your car,) that you make it a higher priority down the line. If you always put it off and never have time to do it, you’ll never get it done. You need to be aware of your priorities and know which ones will help you get to where you want to be at the moment, and which ones can wait. But these things don’t just come out of thin air. Sit down and think about where you want to go and figure out your priorities. When something new comes up, you can compare it to your current priorities and easily figure out which one is more beneficial to your personal growth.

Don’t be afraid to order that salad when you’re out with your friends.

Hug your friends longer instead of picking up that call.

Study a week before that big test instead of going out and partying.

Do something that will make someone smile instead of arguing.

Remember though, with all of this, don’t make it a religion. Life is about experiencing certain things and making mistakes. You need to make those mistakes to grow. But you are the ship captain of your life, and you can at least put your self on the right stretch of water so when you make those mistakes, you’re already on the right path. Go have fun, live life, and know what you want. Prioritize your life, and make the necessary changes to better yourself.


How to Start Believing in Yourself | How to Be a Better You


“Believing in yourself in the face of adversity” is a crucial part of reaching your goals and dreams. There will be people in your life who don’t believe in you, don’t think you can do it and will challenge your mindset. Don’t allow them to get to you, redirect the negativity somewhere else and believe in yourself. When you believe in yourself, anything is possible.

Evening Thought

Remember where you came from. Remember who raised you, who you grew up with, who let you become who you are. You will not get through this life without a person to lean on and guide you through the tough times. You can do a lot on your own, but without the loving hand of a friend, you will never cross some important bridges. Love your friends. Love life.


Evening Thought

I want everyone to think about something tonight. What type of people do you surround yourself with? Do these people have goals and dreams and realize what they need to do to get them? Are they just fun people who can have a good time in any situation? These are things you need to think about. Go ahead, and be around anyone you choose to be around. But remember this, “monkey see, monkey do.” That is a small quote with lots of meaning. If you aren’t a leader, you will follow people. And when the people around you are wandering aimlessly around life, you’re going to be lost in a big unforgiving world that can hurt you. If you’re a leader, this doesn’t even apply to you, you will lead the people you are around and probably already interact with like-minded people. Don’t take the easy route and let people block you from getting on your path to success, be a leader and surround yourself with people who can help you excel in life. Have some savvy with your social life.


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